I’m a complete plain English evangelist. I’m out to convert you. Once you start writing plain English, you’ll never go back to the dark side, I promise.

Why should you use plain English?

Why do you write in the first place? To communicate a message to your reader – not to show how clever or educated or well-read you are. If you don’t write in a way that your reader understands, then why bother? All you’re really doing is excluding them – and they’ll just give up and stop reading your email/letter/website/report/whatever.

If you were to read this blog and it were to contain lots of clauses, which have, or try to have, impressive, indecipherable words, with regard to making lots of pompous points in a grandiose and grandiloquent way and it would seem not really going anywhere with them at all and, quite frankly, leaving you the reader confounded, confused and bewildered, and not understanding at all what the sentence is about because regarding this I don’t seem to know when to stop and in order to get to the end of this sentence you have to read the sentence over several times and endeavour hard to understand it, you would think that quite egregious, wouldn’t you?

Confused? I’m not surprised. How often have you had to read a piece of writing through two or three times to make sense of it?

Plain English writing always keeps the reader in mind, so it is clear, concise and uses the appropriate tone. As a result, your readers will understand your writing more easily and respond more positively to it.

And plain English is faster to write and faster to read.

That’s why you should use plain English.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and have a good week!