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Writing emails at work

This might seem like a really obvious topic, but sometimes it’s good to look at obvious topics from a different angle.

We all email at work. It’s pretty much the main way we communicate. But just because the language you use in an email isn’t as formal as the language you use in a formal business letter doesn’t mean that you can throw out the rule book and write in a sloppy and unprofessional way. Your main aim is still […]

The importance of revising and editing

OK – so this is my day for the soapbox. No matter what you are writing – whether it’s an email, a report or a set of minutes for your local golf club – it’s essential to revise and edit it. It’s tempting just to bash something out and click on send or print, but think first before you do that. You’ll pretty much always find a mistake (sometimes an excrutiatingly – oops, sorry – excruciatingly embarrassing one) and […]

Start using plain English

I’m a complete plain English evangelist. I’m out to convert you. Once you start writing plain English, you’ll never go back to the dark side, I promise.
Why should you use plain English?
Why do you write in the first place? To communicate a message to your reader – not to show how clever or educated or well-read you are. If you don’t write in a way that your reader understands, then why bother? All you’re really doing is excluding them […]

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How to use plain English

Here are some plain English principles for you to apply to your everyday writing. Try them out and notice the difference. It can take a while to retrain yourself to write this way, but it’s worth the effort.
Think ahead
Ask yourself the following questions before you start to write.

What do I want this piece of writing to do?
What are its aims and outcomes?
Who are my readers?
What do they need to learn/know?

Structure your writing. How you do this is up to […]

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