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    What does a copywriter do – and why should you pay them to do it?

What does a copywriter do – and why should you pay them to do it?

The question I’m asked at every single networking meeting I’ve ever been to is: ‘What does a copywriter do?’  I thought that this might be a good topic for a blog, so here goes.

The answer (in my very humble opinion)  is that a copywriter writes different things for different people – it just depends what those people want that copy (or text) to achieve.

But if you want a definition (and of course most people do) then try this one […]

Planning and structuring a report

In a previous article, I looked at the process involved in writing a report. This time, I’m going to look at planning and structuring a report.

You have already defined the purpose of the report, and researched and gathered the information you need to write it. Now it’s time to plan it. You’ll probably have gathered a lot of information, so mind mapping can help you to empty your head of that information, then sort it out. Try this out:

Write […]

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Merry Christmas and all that

There’s one more shopping day left to Christmas and panic is setting in, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

I’ve just found out that I’ve won a prize draw. This is almost a first for me. I’m ridiculously chuffed about it. I never win anything. In fact the last time my name got pulled out of a hat/plastic bag/bucket  I was at a student football team dance (many, many moons ago), and I won a six pack of lager. […]

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The process of writing a report

This is short (but hopefully sweet) today, because it’s less than a week away from Christmas, and I haven’t done any shopping yet …

Most of us – whether we work in the public, private or tertiary sector – will have to write a report at some point in our career and, although we don’t admit it, the idea probably scares the bejesus out of us. But it’s honestly not that difficult as long as you apply the principles of […]

Read to improve your writing

A guaranteed way to improve your own writing is to read other people’s.  It sounds simple, but it’s true. If you read good quality material every day, you naturally pick up grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation without thinking about it. It happens by osmosis. (OK, not very plain English, but in this case it’s the best word for the job.)

Reading and writing are inextricably linked – always have been, always will be. Research has shown that the […]