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Communication through social networking

Today’s blog is a story about the power of communication through social networking. It’s also about how kind and helpful people are. It’ll bring a tear to your eye – guaranteed!

My daughter, Katie, came home from school last week and announced that she had to do a report for National 5 Modern Studies. Not just any report. Not just the usual PowerPoint presentation thing. Gosh, no. She had to carry out research about a current topic, gather her data […]

How to write a review

Writing reviews has the potential to become a national pastime . There are opportunities and requests to write reviews online on everything from cars to vacuum cleaners to films, books and music. Reviews help us to make an informed decision, because they are based on honest opinions written by real people.  In fact, most of us probably wouldn’t go on holiday now without checking the reviews on TripAdvisor first.

You might want to contribute a review to TripAdvisor yourself after […]

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Planning, structuring and writing a presentation

Most of us have to make a presentation at some point in our working lives – either as part of an interview when we are applying for a job, or as a regular part of our job. Until we can mind meld with each other, it’s pretty much the most effective way to communicate information to a lot of people. I know a lot of people who would rather stick red hot needles in their eyes than make a […]

The power of the written word

The power of the written word is something that I think we take for granted in the 21st century. But writing is essential to the communication and spread of ideas, and it has been since people began to write down their ideas and other people began to read them.

Think about the impact that Martin Luther’s ’95 Theses’ had on western Europe in 1520. Luther was fed up with the hypocrisy and double standards of the papacy and started to […]

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Traditional publishing or self-publishing?

Copywriting is my main bread and butter work, but I’m determined (along with a gazillion other people) that one of these days I’m going to write a novel. So far so good. All I have to do is write it now.

But the burning question, the hot debate, the big issue of the moment for all wannabe authors is what’s the best way forward – traditional publishing or self-publishing? Do you get yourself a publishing house or literary agent, or […]