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Reading and writing: still holding their own

There have been column inches (nay, yards) written about how Children Today are no longer reading books, but have their noses almost constantly buried in their mobiles, tablets, laptops, playstations, nintendos (or whatever), only pausing for brain breath to eat tea or answer a question (and that very grudgingly).

Well, I would beg to differ. Reading and writing are alive and well in Pitteuchar East primary school in Fife. I was invited there a couple of weeks ago as part […]

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Writing business emails

If you’re reading this you’re probably thinking, ‘Huh! No point in going any further – I do this all day, every day, so there’s nothing new I can learn.’

Bear with me, and hopefully this blog will help you look at writing business emails in a new light.

When you’re emailing customers, it’s really important to take the right approach. Grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and sloppy language is unprofessional and gives the totally wrong impression. Imagine that you are a customer […]

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How to write a review

Writing reviews has the potential to become a national pastime . There are opportunities and requests to write reviews online on everything from cars to vacuum cleaners to films, books and music. Reviews help us to make an informed decision, because they are based on honest opinions written by real people.  In fact, most of us probably wouldn’t go on holiday now without checking the reviews on TripAdvisor first.

You might want to contribute a review to TripAdvisor yourself after […]

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Planning, structuring and writing a presentation

Most of us have to make a presentation at some point in our working lives – either as part of an interview when we are applying for a job, or as a regular part of our job. Until we can mind meld with each other, it’s pretty much the most effective way to communicate information to a lot of people. I know a lot of people who would rather stick red hot needles in their eyes than make a […]